Tandem Flights

Feel what it’s like to free fly in the most beautiful place in the world
with a Tandem paragliding adventure.


Your Tandem Flight Includes

  1. Ground School – Learn launch technique, about the construction of the glider, as well as basic meteorology – the weather we need to fly.
  2. Flying Time – Learn how the para glider flies and is controlled. Experience turns and pitch control. Be guided through approach and landing technique.
  3. Post Flight Debriefing – We talk about your flight experience and answer any questions before packing up the paraglider.
  4. Shuttle to the launch zone .
  5. Complimentary video/photo
    (This is a free service, not included in fees and cannot be discounted when not available. We recommend bringing own camera with leash)

What does it Cost?

Regular rate is $240 CAD. This includes your shuttle ride to our launch at top of the mountain for you and your pilot. Any extra guests coming to launch will have to pay a $20 shuttle fee for non-pilots.
With your tandem you also get complimentary video/ photos (when staff available and conditions permitting).

Can I buy a gift certificate?

Yes! Gift certificates are purchased on the website, just select item and Add to Cart or call us at 778-892-7733. We can mail you a printed gift certificate for you or send you a PDF printable file.
Gift certificates can be redeemed for one tandem paragliding flight, lessons or shuttle rides if requested. Make sure to include “to” -and- “from” information, and indicate preference between  PDF printable certificate or a mailed hard copy (include address if necessary).

How long is a flight?

You should budget 2 hours for your entire experience. This includes meeting time, a 30-minute shuttle to launch, a 10 minute set-up, a 10 minute pre-flight ground school, 10 to 25 minutes in the air depending on conditions and the style of flight you request, a 10 minute debriefing/pack up. Weather and photo taking can eat up the rest.

When do you fly?

We are in the air every flyable day between the end of April until the weather gets bad around October. We will be in contact with you to let you know if conditions are flyable.
Preflight meeting times are: 8:30, 10:30, 12:30, and 5pm in Pemberton (with some seasonal change)

Is it safe?

All of our instructors are highly experienced with a perfect safety record.
Unlike hang gliding, in paragliding you are seated below the wing in the harness and can see both (2) attachment points, ensuring you are properly connected to the wing the entire time. Everything is redundant and in plain view.
Your flight instructor is there to deliver the flight you wished for and to ensure you have fun. Decide on a mellow flight or one with big thrills; everything is possible. Talk to your pilot and  share your expectations with him to ensure we make the best out of your tandem experience.

How old do I have to be?

Between 8 and 98 years old (give or take)! All children under the age of 19 must have a parent sign the waiver for them and be present. All participants require a reasonable standard of fitness, equivalent to being able to do a short sprint and jumping down a couple of stairs.

Are there any restrictions?

We do have weight restrictions in place (from 30kg – 100kg) depending on client fitness and weather conditions. Heavier or lighter people can be accommodated on an individual basis.

Is there public transit to Pemberton?

Yes. If you prefer NOT to drive, the Route 99: Pemberton Commuter runs daily from Whistler Village early in the morning. Fare is only $4.50.  Click on the link below for maps and schedule information: Route 99: Pemberton Commuter

There are also 3 other departures provided by Greyhound. Fare is only $6  and it takes about 35 minutes.

What happens when I get there?

We will meet at a convenient location in Pemberton where the shuttle will pick us all up for a 30 minute transit to the launch via some fun and scenic logging roads. I will go over the standard releases with you before we head up.  Once we arrive to launch, you (and any guests with you) can have some time to take pictures form the scenic 4000ft site while the equipment is set up for you. You will then be guided by the pilot though a brief pre-flight ground school and set up for your flight. Then you will take off for your flight and take in the amazing views of the valley, mountains, and rivers… landing in our selected Land Field 4000ft below. You will then have a debriefing as we pack up the gear.
Any photos and video taken by  pilots our our staff will be sent to you with  link access.

What should I wear?

You will need sturdy footwear and warm clothing. Even on warm days, imagine yourself to be going out sailing on a brisk 40km/h breezy day. Sunglasses are a great idea, and sun protection too. Make sure to bring your camera… and have it on a leash so you don’t drop it!

How do I book?

1. Click BOOK NOW button – Add to cart

2. AT CHECKOUT: Fill out contact and payment details

3. ORDER NOTES SECTION: Include the following information

– preferred date(s) for flight

– alternative dates available  (full date range if you are visiting)

– Any important details on passengers (child, old injuries, weight over 100kg, etc) to be considered

– Gift certificates – include “to” -and- “from” information, and indicate preference between  PDF printable certificate or a mailed hard copy (include address if necessary)

Can I fly when it is raining or only in sunny days?

In order to be able to fly, paragliding requires  there to be no precipitation, no clouds in the flying area and the correct wind conditions. Sunny skies don’t necessarily mean that conditions are flyable. Reservations are made on the hope of flyable weather. Please be prepared to have alternate flying days if the weather doesn’t permit flying.

What happens if flight is cancelled?

If there is any cancellation from our part due to weather or other issues, we will re-schedule your flight to a later time or offer you a 100% refund of your payment (minus shuttle fees when transport utilized).

There are NO refunds for flights cancelled by customer within 48 hours (or no-shows). There is a $100 fee for re-scheduling within 48 hours, as pilots and shuttles are booked in advance.


If you have any other questions, email us fly@s2spg.com or call us at 778-892-7733